Who We Are

Rural Forward envisions healthier, more sustainable rural communities with increased capacity to solve their own health problems. With an overall goal of improving the major health indicators in North Carolina over the next ten years, Rural Forward carries out its mission to build capacity and develop resources that amplify the impact of rural leaders, organizations, and coalitions.

How We Can Help

Rural Forward North Carolina provides the following services:

  • Training
  • Facilitation
  • Grants Development
  • Policy Development
  • Resource Management
  • Relationship Brokering
  • Strategic Planning
  • Conflict Management
  • Identification of Expertise
  • Coaching
  • Program Planning

Why It Matters

One in five North Carolinians, almost 2.2 million people, live in rural counties. Compared to towns and cities, those living in these rural areas face a number of unique health barriers that limit them from getting access to the care they need. Shortages of doctors, dentists, and specialists in these areas, combined with the limited or lack of health insurance coverage of many rural residents leads to higher rates of chronic diseases and mortality.

At the same time, North Carolina’s rural communities are full of natural, social, economic, cultural, and human capital that can be used as the building blocks to prosperity. The new rural economy is more interconnected, built upon our global economy, and more tied into regional opportunity.
READ NOW: Employment Equity: A Boost to NC’s Economy. A report co-released by Rural Forward NC, PolicyLink, and the NC Budget and Tax Center. Read the full report.


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